How to Help

How Can You Help?

The Dunkirk Little Ships Restoration Trust was founded in 1993 as a registered charity to save Little Ships in danger of destruction, to encourage the skills of traditional boatbuilding and conservation, to raise funds for this work and to find dedicated new owners for ships saved by the Trust.

This work requires time and money - and large quantities of each.

There are numerous ways that you, as a member of the public, can help. Every bit of help, large or small is greatly appreciated and put to great use.


Why not become part of the Challenge team? Historic vessels, like Challenge, require manpower to keep them going. Previous experience is of course always appreciated, but it isn't necessary. Everyone is welcome and our friendly volunteers are always able to show the ropes to someone new.

If you might be able to help out by volunteering some time please contact us.


You can donate to the DLSRT via mydontate

Donate via mydonate

Join the DLSRT.

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Leaving a Legacy

There are many ways by which one can choose to leave a legacy to the Trust. Some methods are more tax-efficient than others and if you choose to remember the Trust in your will please take appropriate advice. Gifts to charities are exempted from inheritance tax and can make a significant reduction to your overall tax liability.

One of our Trustees specialises in wills and charities. Please contact us if you would like to discuss these opportunities further.