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Close up of the Circulating pump

Ancillary Equipment

Challenge is entirely run by steam, from steering the ship to generating power, there are a total of four ancillary steam engines and two steam pumps on board.
The ancillary steam engines are

  • Steam Windlass made by Emerson and Walker No 62232. Used to raise and lower the anchor and to winch ropes.
  • The Steering engine made by Donkin and Co. No E 4390. This is virtually power steering for Challenge and enables the ship to be steered almost with your little finger. you will see on pictures of the helm that there are two wheels, one very large wheel for steering by hand and a much smaller wheel used in conjunction with the steering engine.
  • Generator, made by Shanks os Arbroath, Engine No E42198
  • Circulating engine (Condenser), made by Drysdale no E 439

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